USA, 2015, 101′

Two Girls. One Gun. The Mafia. Because coming out to family is hard, but coming out to FAMILY is funny. Alto is a quirky romantic comedy set in the midst of an unanticipated run-in with the New York Mafia. Improbable love, the Mafia, and family traditions… proving the most surprising discoveries often come when we least expect it, in the midst of murder plots, federal investigations, and oh yeah, lasagna.

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USA, 2014, 55′

The film explores the difficult relationship expectations on women in our society. When a young married woman begins to realize that true love and the relationship she wants isn’t what society would like her to think. It’s not until Christine meets Jen at work that her repressed sexuality reawakens.

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Mexico, 2014, 110′

Four stories about love and self-acceptance: An eleven year-old boy struggles to keep secret the attraction he feels towards his male cousin. Two former childhood friends reunite and start a relationship that gets complicated due to one of them’s fear of getting caught. A gay long lasting relationship is in jeopardy when a third man comes along. An old family man is obsessed with a young male prostitute and tries to raise the money to afford the experience.

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India, 2015, 110′

The first gay film made in Bollywood. Will Ayan have the courage to come out about his sexuality? Will a Pakistani family ever accept a homosexual son and especially when he is in love with a Hindu Indian man? Film about Love. Love which is above gender, race, culture, religion, language and territorial boundaries. Contrast of gay cultures: From India and Pakistan to Norwegian lesbian friends.

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Catalonia, 2015, 64′

Mario and Sergio are pregnant. They don’t have uterus, neither ovaries nor mammary glands, however they are longing to become parents. This Family Story explains their long way as parents candidates. From the very beginning when they feel a strong instinct until the birth of their beloved son, Galileo, by means of surrogated pregnancy.

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Spain, 2014, 66′

“El Mejunje de Silverio” is a cultural centre located in Cuba. Rock concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, and children’s shows are held there… But the venue is best known as a meeting place for the LGBT community, thus creating a fascinating melting pot of transexuals, children, artists, rock ‘n’ rollers…

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Greece, 2015, 55′

Jhony C, aged 25, from Barcelona is an actor in gay porn films with sadomasochistic practices. Evangelidis, the Greek filmmaker, follows him during a fictitious day with his thoughts about life and love. Jhony’s lonely lifestyle, with no lies, longings, dignity and respect to others. In summary, its about a pure life like the tattoo on his body.

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USA, 2015, 79′

Photo Shoot OK

When Jamie finds out her girlfriend Jill has spent time exploring BDSM, her insecurities about falling behind in the bedroom push her to propose that they start going to underground clubs. Jamie decides to use the pseudonym Sally so she can stay anonymous but still look like she’s using her real name, which apparently she thinks makes her look cool. Identifying as the butch one in a traditional butch/femme couple, “Sally” assumes she will take the dominant role in their escapades, with Jill as her submissive, but Jill has ideas of her own.

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Cuba, 2014, 104′

In 90’s Havana, a nurse and a home builder hopelessly in love, live happily married. A circumstancial fact of her past life, will put their feelings to test and undermine the most elemental principles.

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Canada, 2014, 86′

Maurice Lesmers (Maxime Desmons) has left a troubled past in Paris behind him and moved to North Bay Canada to start a new life. He has managed to build a wall between himself and the outside world, refusing to even pursue a meaningful relationship with Michael (Jean-Michel Le Gal). Maurice begins tutoring a young student named Allan (Alex Ozerov), who is quickly becoming infatuated with his new teacher.

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Czech Republic, 2015, 7′

As two girls wait to be picked up at the train station, one girl finds that she is unable to let go of an end of a trip she wishes were only the beginning.

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France, 2015, 19

It’s summertime and a troop of young girls are headed to scout camp. For Marie and Lise, it is a time for their first sparks of emotion, a time to learn more about desire and how one confronts a group and their morality.

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Israel, 2014, 18′

A young man’s quest for love exposes him to an experience he may not be ready for.

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Germany, 2014, 8

During a military exercise in the woods, two soldiers cover each other’s faces in camouflage paint. In such a delicate situation, in which every trembling of the finger is perceivable, Max tries to find out the truth about Christian.

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USA, 2014, 38′

The journey and evolution of a friendship between two women at a time when their rapport would have been unlikely.

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Mexico, 2014, 11′

Carina is 8 years-old and loves rock & roll. Her life changes when she thinks that her new teacher is the same woman who has seen in her father’s erotic magazine.

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United Kingdom, 2015, 16′

Trevor’s life has become a void, following the passing of his wife and long term companion, Doris. A chance encounter in the park with a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own dark past jarringly reawakens him, and forces both men to once again start to live.

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Mexico, 2015, 10

One night, Paul finally decides to hire Diana, a transvestite prostitute who spent several days observing. Pablo takes Diana to a hotel room with a very different intention from the majority of customers order, unaware that his life is about to turn.

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Germany, 2015, 17

Since Annie, 12, moved in with her father, she constantly tells wild stories about her pussy. Her father Andreas slowly despairs, his boss is shocked, the social worker is crestfallen. Why does she do this?

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Canada, 2015, 6′

Girl walks into the House of the Past and sets free a collage of memories, without fearing the pain nor the joy it awakens.

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United Kingdom / Australia, 2014, 12′

An elderly woman has a vision of Jesus in the trunks of her swimming partner.

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Israel, 2014, 18′

Oren is a young dancer who is dealing with the loss of the person closest to him, the one he loved. He is trying to find closure while dealing with the prejudice and the accusations thrown at him.

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Mexico, 2015, 15

In Mexico City, a man drives public transportation by day and sings the hits at a drag cabaret by night.

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USA, 2014, 5

An estranged gay couple is visited by a mischievously manipulative cupid just in time for Christmas – based on a comic by Ralf König.

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Denmark, 2014, 12′

Anabel invites her ex girlfriend, Hanna, to come see her new apartment with the hope of getting her back. The day arrives and Hanna rings the doorbell…

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Spain, 2015, 5′

Do you believe in Horoscope? Marta and Marina have just met today and they spent the night together. Both have very different positions on the horoscope…

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Italy, 2015, 18

Two people, two imaginaries, two parallel universes, unconsciously attracted to each other because of the mutual usage of testosterone. Andreas is transitioning from female to male. Gea is experimenting her fluid gender identity.

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Germany, 2014, 13

“Tell me one of your memories, maybe your first memory of your body or your cock.”
Hans, Can, Grete and Coco meet for a chat about physicality, in order to get to know each other and exchange experiences. An experimental conversation about gender norms, genitalia and the body within, the one you only see once you got to know someone.

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Mexico, 2014, 18

After many years of absence, Lupe returns to her community. The reunion with Rosalia, her best friend from childhood, and the letter she wrote when said goodbye, changes the course of their lives. Love emerges more strongly.

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Italy, 2015, 14′

A gay themed short dramedy about a hide-gay priest who lives a feud/love for a ostentatious gay guy who pops into his church.

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United Kingdom, 2015, 13′

Life in Colors’ follows a few brief moments in the lives of two women from the United Kingdom in the 1940’s, it takes us on a journey of their passion, love and desire to be together in a world that is against that love.

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Cuba, 2013, 16

In the beach, Camellia plans to celebrate its son’s Ángel birthday that, having in count its father’s accidental disappearance, it escapes. Forced to undertake his search, Camellia confronts the family failure.

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Mexico, 2015, 19′

Dance and prostitution in the body of Jonathan play the same role, virtuosity, desire, art and sex intermingle to give coherence to a life form that is many answers to a few questions. Thread that unites opposites and contradictions. Answers, painful at times, as all truths.

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Turkey, 2015, 7

The mother kills her son who is gay. Some moments of the boy from his social life are seen: In the university, cafeteria and car. Beautiful scene inside a car wash.

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Mexico, 2014, 18

This is Arturo´s tale, a coming of age story about a boy who tries to find and accept his sexual identity. It´s located in the small city of Zacatecas during the 90´s, and explores the stigma the homosexual community lived during the HIV crisis.

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USA, 2015, 14

Ryland Whittington, a tomboy Age 6. For transgender youth, the difference between family support and rejection is a matter of life and death. According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality, the rate of suicide attempt among transgender people is 41%.

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Mexico, 2012, 19′

Sweat released through the skin pores, as a result of existence.

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USA, 2015, 6

Two women get some relationship advice with the help of an unconventional therapist and the power of the mango.

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USA, 2015, 17

A forty-something Brooklyn man rebounds from a long-term relationship with a closeted man by hooking up with a 23 year-old rugby player he meets on a sex app.

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Greece, 2015, 9

Plagiarism is essential, progress implies it. It is the year 2014 Greece is under the shadow of Antonis Samaras. Things are looking grim for LGBT rights until a small group of gay men decide to take matters into their own hands.

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USA-Brazil, 2014, 16

For 50 years, Michael and Betty have been united by one guiding principle: no secrets. But when a provocative Tom of Finland doll triggers Michael’s long-buried desires, Betty discovers that secrets have been part of their life all along.

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USA, 2015, 14′

Girls play with dolls and boys love sports, right? This film takes a look at what happens when those stereotypes are called into question.

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Mexico, 2015, 20′

Carlos sweeps and mops the floors of an old barber shop scent. One Saturday morning, on the eve of September 16, between clients, Julio, as young as he appears, but professional soldier. Their eyes cross and closing time July return for Carlos, who will open the door. Tonight’s dinner will together, talking, tweaking the haircut of July, and even dancing with the awareness that this meeting, perhaps love, be brief and unrepeatable because when morning comes, after the military parade, Julio depart for the border.

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Cuba, 2014, 12

A young man attracted to an old composer, works as builder in his house as a pretext to be close to him, but the only chance he has to come closer is the moment of the musician’s death, and the young man has to dress him. Frustrated by the uselessness of his work, the young man renounces to his profession.

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United Kingdom, 2015, 24

Battling with his own inner demons, Jonathan, played by Australian talent Jaxon Radoc, is taken to an elite swimming academy deep in the English countryside by his soon to be step-mother, kept away from her upcoming wedding to his father. At the academy, Jonathan struggles to find his place among the group, he may be a top athlete in his field, but when it comes to the small world of Lakeside, swimming, sex and chauvinism combine to create something explosive and the potential for something very dangerous.

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Spain, 2014, 4

Waiting is a tale of oppositions. Day and night. Passion and lust entwined with pain and heartbreak. The beginning, the end. It’s a reflection of different moments within a relationship. The protagonist waits in desperation tormenting her thoughts as the minutes tick by and her partner fails to return.

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Cuba, 2014, 15

In downtown Havana, Tomás and Luis built a home in their own terms – Beatles’ posters share the space with a pet chicken and a dog. Daily tasks generate a singular choreography between both men inside their own territories, introducing the couple just days before their 28th anniversary.

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Euskadi, 2015, 3

The sound and fury of the skin,
flicking like a flag
low flow assaults!

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Mexico, 2015, 7

Zerch asks his boyfriend Cano to do something terrible for him. Cano, driven by an excessive love, agrees without knowing he is about to sacrifice more than he imagined.

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