USA, 2015, 101′

Two Girls. One Gun. The Mafia. Because coming out to family is hard, but coming out to FAMILY is funny. Alto is a quirky romantic comedy set in the midst of an unanticipated run-in with the New York Mafia. Improbable love, the Mafia, and family traditions… proving the most surprising discoveries often come when we least expect it, in the midst of murder plots, federal investigations, and oh yeah, lasagna.

Dir.: Mikki del Monico
Writer: Mikki del Monico
Photography: Valentina Caniglia, AIC-IMAGO
Editor: Mikki del Monico
Composer: Thom Rotella
Cast: Diana DeGarmo (American Idol), Annabella Sciorra (Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Jungle Fever), Billy Wirth (Lost Boys), David Valcin (Person of Interest), Lin Tucci (Orange is the New Black), Natalie Knepp, Lou Martini, Jr.
Producers: Toni D’Antonio