28-J PRIDE DAY at Filmoteca

The LGTIB International Pride Day is commemorated on June 28th, the day that, in 1969, took place the revolt of Stonewall in New York City, which encouraged the beginning of homosexual liberation.

SCREENING 28th June at 07:30 pm

FILMOTECA DE CATALUNYA, Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1-9


Demanding parents A demanding school. An education designed for winners. Damien endures bullying as most, in silence.

European Premiere.

Dir.:Teresa Martino
Screenplay:Alejandro Campos
Photo.:Paolo Columbro
Edition:Teresa Martino
Music:Marcos Rodríguez
Cast.:Zarén Gorosito, Verónica Koziura, Brandon Cosma, Daniela Martino, Edgardo Sánchez Rossi, Soledad Perchante, Salvador Moreyra, Delfina Alvarez, Emerson Speratti, Gonzalo Ibarguren, Santiago Kalinosky
Production:Teresa Martino
13 mins.


A wealthy teenage girl watches a movie about body image. She feels identified with the character and reflects on her own body and identity, but she has to face the harsh reality in her household.

European Premiere.

Dir.:Boris Guzmán
Screenplay:Frances López, Boris Guzmán
Photo.:Gerardo Gómez
Edition:Yaritza Alicea
Cast.:Carolyn Berrios, Ariel Orama, Keyla Mariano
Production:Juan Matos
Country:Puerto Rico
6 mins.


The Ramblas in Barcelona have been the reason for the transsexual liberation of the main characters of this documentary.

Dir.: Fab Llanos
Production: Mercè Meroño i Tomás Balbas. Fundació Àmbit Prevenció
10 mins.


The unexpected sexual awakening and hiding an unavoidable desire are the main Roman’s awareness. This is a story about self-discovery in which a quiet real estate agent is feeling attracted to another man, twenty years younger than him.

Dir:Majo Staffolani
Production:Vanessa Ragone (Guanyadora d’un Oscar amb “El secreto de sus ojos”
Screenplay:Majo Staffolani
Photo.:Mariana Bomba
Music:Flor Bobadilla Oliva
Edition:Majo Staffolani – Luca Castello
Cast.:Carlo Argento, Gastón Cocchiarale, Gabriela Izcovich
61 mins.
Selected by BAFICI (Buenos Aires Film Festival)

After the screenings, a debate will take place with Rosa M. Maristany (chairwoman of Trans* Baix Power Association), Fab Llanos (filmmaker), Xavier-Daniel (founder and director of The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival) Carla and Penélope (activist transsexual women).

Organized by: FICGLB, LGTIB cultural association with the participation of Trans* Baix Power and Fundació Àmbit Prevenció at Raval District in Barcelona.

FICGLB at 25th Mostra

From The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, as a guest festival in this 25th anniversary of the Mostra de Cine Latinoamericano de Catalunya, taking place at Lleida city, we have selected some films that reflect the concerns of young filmmakers, emphasizing women filmmakers. They all have an outstanding role in the four scheduled films, whether as a director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker or actress, in short film, documentary or fiction film. They deal with LGB themes (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) in Argentine and Spanish productions, going from respect for identity and older people’s feelings (Lo que no se ve, short film awarded by the audience in the FICGLB 2018) to the emotional relationship in spite of the age difference (Román), through the discovery of love in prison (Cárceles bolleras) and the release of family tensioness at a dinner with lots of humour (Boutade). Xavier-Daniel (director and programmer of the FICGLB, in his 25th anniversary as founder in Barcelona of the first film festival of the Spanish State specialized in LGTIB themes).

SCREENINGS ESPAI FUNATIC, LLEIDA. c/ Pi i Margall, 26. Telf: 973 300 027

BOUTADE. Saturday 8th June at 10:30h / Tuesday 11 June at 21:00h

Christmas Eve might become an ideal set to solve all the problems that have come up along the year with your loved ones. For this reason, Juan and Luis will invite Tere and Ana in order to release the tenseness created in the past.

Dirección: Dany Ruz
Producción: Dany Ruz, Mayte Martínez
Guión: Juan Carlos Rubio
Fotografía: Juan Manuel de la Cruz
Música: Jesús Calderón
Edición: Dany Ruz
Intérpretes.: Juan Carlos Villanueva, Montse Torrent, María José Martínez, Alberto de los Ríos
España, 2018 Duración: 13′

ROMÁN. Saturday 8th June at 10:30h / Tuesday 11 June at 21:00h

The unexpected sexual awakening and hiding an unavoidable desire are the main Roman’s awareness. This is a story about self-discovery in which a quiet real estate agent is feeling attracted to another man, twenty years younger than him.

Dirección y guión: Majo Staffolani
Producción: Vanessa Ragone (Guanyadora d’un Oscar amb “El secreto de sus ojos”
Fotografía: Mariana Bomba
Música: Flor Bobadilla Oliva
Edición: Majo Staffolani – Luca Castello
Intérpretes: Carlo Argento, Gastón Cocchiarale, Gabriela Izcovich
Argentina, 2018 Duración: 61’
Seleccionado por el BAFICI (Festival de Cine, Buenos Aires)

LO QUE NO SE VE. Saturday 8th June at 12:45h / Monday 10th June at 21:45h

Premio del Público al mejor cortometraje, FICGLB 2018
Premio del Público CineVersátil, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lorenza is about to be 80 and has just become a widow. She decides to return to her youth home, but her daughter does not agree. However her granddaughters, Sofia and Alba, decide to go with her. It’s a minimal story as simple as necessary.

Dirección: Lamberto Guerra
Producción: Lamberto Guerra
Guión: Lamberto Guerra
Fotografía: Vasni Ramos
Música: Jonay Armas
Edición: Vasni Ramos, Lamberto Guerra
Intérpretes: Lorenza Machín, Sofía Privitera, Alba Tonini, Tara Machín, Paloma Albaladejo
España, 2017
Duración: 5’

CÁRCELES BOLLERAS. Saturday 8th June at 12:45h / Monday 10th June at 21:45h

Andrea travelled as a drug mule from Argentina, but she was taken directly from Barcelona airport to prison. Katia was imprisioned for two years at Martutene correctional facility in the Basque Country. Marta Dillon, journalist and feminist, visited over several years the female prisoners at the Ezeiza prison in Buenos Aires and she wrote their experiences in the book “Captive Hearts“.
These stories, along with those of some other former prisoners and researchers, are part of the documentary “Cárceles Bolleras” (Dyke Jails) where those women’s reality behind the bars and how gender inequality affects their lives are depicted. Under these circumstances, lesbian desire becomes a form of resistance to the penitentiary institution.

English Title: Dyke Jails
Dirección: Cecilia Montagut
Producción: Cecilia Montagut & Raquel Osborne
Guión: Cecilia Montagut
Fotografía: Cecilia Montagut
Edición: Cecilia Montagut
Intérpretes: Andrea Noemí Vera, Dolores Juliano, Concha Yagüe, Mar Sánchez, Katia Reimberg, Marta Dillon, Estibaliz de Miguel, Ana María Bruña, Inés Herrero, María Ruíz Torrado, Raquel Osborne, Pedro Montagut, Roser Rius Camps, David Urra, Silvia Reyes, María Jesús Lastra, Lucas Platero.
España/Argentina, 2018
Duración: 66′

A Glória e a Graça (Gloria and Grace)

Spanish Premiere
Brazil, 2017, 94′

Graça is a single mother who works as a massage therapist and lives with her two children. When she decides to go after her brother, Luiz Carlos, whom she hasn’t seen in over 15 years due to a quarrel, they meet. He has become Gloria, a beautiful and successful trans. She accepts Graça’s invitation to meet her nephews and eventually realizes that maybe, to be complete, she needs to become a mother.

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Aabar Jadi Iccha Karo… (If You Dare Desire …)

Spanish Premiere
India, 2017, 52′

Within this hetero-patriarchal world, the women resist with their bodies, with their hearts, their love and desires.
2011.In a small village of West Bengal,India – Swapna and Sucheta-two young women in love with each other – took their own lives. No one from their families came to claim their dead bodies.They remain unclaimed… They had died for love but still live among us, for us.Based on a true story.

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Bao Bao

European Premiere
Taiwan, 2018, 96′

As same-sex couples, Cindy, Joanne, Charles, and Tim collaborate together to help each other to own a baby. Even though it’s not generally acceptable in many places in Taiwan to be same-sex parents.

Over 25 years after The Wedding Banquet (1993), on the crucial period of Taiwan becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, Bao Bao (2018) can be regarded as the most significant LGBTQ film in this generation.

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Miss Rosewood

Spanish Premiere
Denmark/USA, 2017, 67′

“This film is made as a gender liberation manifestation, through the artist Miss Rosewood is the intention to give an experience of self-empowerment to live out who you believe you are or what you want to be. There is no specification to this process and the message is of that to free the mind from classification. The images are rough to unsettle the morality of a perfect view to the gender liberation, its intentional to provoke inner conflict with what is freedom.”Helle Jensen.

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Iago Pericot. La conquesta de la innocència

World Premiere
Catalonia, 2018, 52′

Iago Pericot ‘The Conquest of Innocence’ is a journey through the events that marked his life (Franco’s repression, awareness of his homosexuality, his stay in London during the troubled 60s) and his works (“Rebel Delirium”, ‘Bent’, ‘MozartNu’), which were essential for modernizing the Catalan theater. It is the story of the creative process of an artist who, at 85, wants to continue talking about the world through his art. It is the portrait of his relationship with Josep, his companion for 15 years.

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European Premiere
USA, 2017, 15′

The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion. Everyday Waleed washes his disabled dad, Khaled, for prayer as a part of their Islamic religious obligation. But, when Khaled suspects his son is gay he’s torn between accepting him or living on his own unable to pray.

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Female Connection

European Premiere
USA, 2018, 4′

Liz, an out lesbian, and Kylie, a questioning heterosexual, are neighbors. When they first meet, there is an undeniable attraction between them. Their chemistry is immediately apparent even to Kylie’s boyfriend Matt. The two girls fall in love and Matt is soon out of the picture. But despite all their passion, Kylie continually pulls away, fighting the reality that she is in love with a woman.

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European Premiere
USA, 2017, 18′

Film about Carson, a gay twenty-something looking for love on all the wrong apps. After being rejected by an online hookup for being too “femme”, Carson embarks on a hilarious journey towards self-discovery and acceptance by way of a manic existential crisis and a drag queen fairy godmother. Set in Hell’s Kitchen, the epicenter of New York City gay life, Carson must confront his own notions of masculinity, gender performance, and discrimination within the LGBTQ community.

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Hotel Boy

World Premiere
Denmark, 2018, 12′

The young Samir accompanies the politician Stefan to a hotel room. Samir is in love and has set everything aside to be able to go with Stefan, as they had planned. But under the surface lies a big misunderstanding, and outside in the rain a journalist is waiting for the next big headline.

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Mors lilla Olle (Little Boy Blue)

Spanish Premiere
Sweden, 2017, 11′

”Little Boy Blue” is the story about Olle, five years old. He lives with his two dads in a home where he has everything any child could ever dream of. One night, just after Olle has gone to sleep, they receive a visit from an uninvited guest who has anything but good intentions.

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Se murió Juan Gabriel (Juan Gabriel is dead)

Spanish Premiere
Mexico / Germany, 2018, 15′

The very day the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel died, Beto and Daniel, two Mexican teenagers, will strengthen their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day-to-day would be like if he was a girl, perhaps then his feelings could be seen as a daily life.

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