The FICGLB goes to Cuba

The FICGLB is the only Film Festival which has been invited by the Director of the Cuban National Film Library, Mr. Luciano Castillo, in order to create a programme based on either awarded and well-known current films selected during the annual editions by its director, filmmaker and Catalan film critic Xavier-Daniel.

In this way, an initiative that took place 24 years ago in Spain is consolidated, when he founded and directed in Barcelona the first LGTIB Film Festival, then the audience was able to watch, for the first time, films that were not screened in our country commercial cinemas.

Xavier-Daniel will repeat this deed in a country where the public has not the chance to see these films, and it will be possible now because the transition has begun in Cuba. He’s facing the challenge of being a pioneer by programming quality and innovative films, in fact he has been celebrating all these film festivals as a director for twenty-four years.

The prestige of the National Film Library in Cuba has taken it into consideration and has appraised that the continuity of this schedule will make the Cuban audience enjoy this event addressed to those who are looking forward to their concerns accomplished.

We would like to underline too the great success of the LGTIB-themed film sessions programmed at the Havana Film Festival. Since just a few films are screened, the cinema entrance is very crowded, mainly because after the Festival these films will no longer be seen, and this is an exception which only takes place during the annual Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

The FICGLB in Cuba will mean an unprecedented event, either socially and cultural, as it happenned in Spain during the last years under Franco’s regime. By then, Xavier-Daniel was programming already, in France, some LGTIB-themed films which were banned in Spain by the pro-Franco censorship. On those days, the Spanish cinema-goers would cross the France border just for attending the Art and Essay Movie sessions, therefore those famous week-ends became a real sociological phenomenon. Actually it was a great success.

We deeply acknowledge the professional career of our Director for being so brave on those hard times when the rights for LGTIB and freedom were repressed.

We wish him a great and well deserved success in this new stage.

Film Festival Board

FICGLB at 10th Queer IFFPlaya Mexico

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10th Queer International Film Festival Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The members of the Jury of this 10th edition have decided to give the following awards:

Special Award by Performance:
Luis Tosar by Cemento y Acero.

Best Actor Award of Foreign Cast:
Daniel Guzmán by Cemento y Acero.

The short film CEMENTO Y ACERO directed by Oriol Villar (Spain) was selected by the associated film festival FICGLB and programmed at QIFFPlaya.

Closing Night of the Festival: November 22nd 2023
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

FICGLB at XXXV Girona Film Festival

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Cinema i Diversitat

FICGLB – Cinema and Diversity
3rd edition of the Award


Girona, November 10th, 2023. The members of the Jury have decided, by unanimity, at 35 Girona Film Festival, to give this FICGLB Award, to the short film:

ADJUSTMENT by Mehrdad Hassani (Iran 2022)
For the message and empathy that the teacher shows with the situation of the child who is being bullied and society refuses him.

And a Special Mention, by unanimity, to:

RAJA BHAU by Sridhar Rangayan (India 2022)
For the astonishing reaction of the family who has breaking the prejudices of the Hindu culture through a transgender people.

Esther Fabrellas, doctor in Romanic Philology and writer. University of Girona.
Cornelia Gheorghiu, designer and actress.
Belén Cuadros, writer and Director of Communication.

Creator and Coordinator of this Award:
Filmmaker and Programmer of Cinema and Diversity at GFF
Founder and Director of FICGLB


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FICGLB, Festival Internacional de Cinema Gai i Lèsbic de Barcelona participa en los Encuentros de Cine LGTIB Iberoamericanos, durante la celebración del Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián.
FICGLB ofrece una programación que da prioridad a films iberoamericanos, y también cumple su objetivo de divulgar films de temáticas LGTIBQA+ en otros países de América Latina, labor que realiza estando hermanado con los siguientes festivales:
AMOR es AMOR, que se celebra anualmente en Córdoba, Argentina. Films argentinos premiados en este Festival, son exhibidos en España, y films españoles programados por FICGLB son proyectados en el Festival argentino.
International Queer Film Festival Playa, que tiene lugar cada año en Playa del Carmen, México. Films mexicanos premiados en este Festival, son exhibidos en España y films españoles programados por FICGLB son proyectados en el Festival mexicano.
Este intercambio cultural cinematográfico se produce debido al interés de su fundador, Xavier-Daniel, director de cine, miembro de la FIPRESCI, Federación Internacional de la Prensa Cinematográfica, y director de festivales de cine. Ha fundado y dirigido el primer certamen cinematográfico especializado en temáticas LGTIBQA+ del Estado español, la Mostra Lambda (Barcelona, 1995). En el año 2001 funda y dirige el FICGLB. Desde aquí programa una sección especializada en temáticas LGTIBQA+ dentro del marco del Girona Film Festival; este certamen acoge su sección titulada FICGLB-Cine y Diversidad. Miembro del Jurado internacional en diversos festivales: OutFest-West Hollywood, La Habana, Guadalajara, CineLatino-Toulouse, Berlinale, Cracovia, Torino, San Sebastián, Sitges…

FICGLB at XI Mostremp

11 Mostremp.
FEMINISMS and LGTIBQ+, section programmed by FICGLB
14th August 2022


This is the Section that programs the FICGLB, International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival of Barcelona, ​​at the Girona Film Festival and now, invited to Mostremp. The Section has short films on LGTIBQ+ themes from various countries.

And what is the objective of a section called CINEMA and DIVERSITY programmed by the FICGLB? Therefore, to collect the concerns of filmmakers about problems that generate current issues, through social demands and/or exposure of legislative factors from other countries, which affect the LGTIBQ+ community.

For this reason and in order to spread quality and to claim, we offer you a program of current titles, short films that have won awards at various festivals.

With the participation of Xavier-Daniel, Director and Programmer of “FICGLB-Cinema and Diversity” of the GFF. Founder and Director of the first LGTIB film festival in Spain.

Session 1. Sunday, 14th August. La Lira Theatre. Tremp 6:00pm
ESTIMADA SEÑORA DIRECTORA by Michèle Massé (Spain, 2019, 3′)
VICTORIA by Daniel Toledo Saura (Spain, 2019, 8′)
ACUITZERAMO by Miguel Angel Caballero (Mexico / USA, 2019, 15′)
FERNANDEZ PRATSCH by Emiliano Spampinato (Spain, 2020, 29′)
LO QUE NO SE VE de Lamberto Guerra ( Spain, 2017, 5′)

FICGLB at XXXIII Girona Film Festival

33rd Girona Film Festival.
CINEMA and DIVERSITY, section programmed by FICGLB
9 -13 November 2021


This is the section that schedules the FICGLB, The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, in the 33rd edition of the Girona Film Festival. The section includes features, short films and documentaries of LGTIB (Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Intersex and Bisexual) themes, from several countries.
What is the objective of a section called CINEMA and DIVERSITY programmed by the FICGLB? The aim is to collect the filmmakers’ concerns regarding problems that generate current themes, through social demand and/or exposure of legislative factors from other countries, which affect the LGTIB community. For this reason, and to promote quality and at the same time vindicative movies, I have created the Girona LGTIBQ+ Cinema Award, which will be given for the first time to the best film in this section at the Girona Film Festival.

The complaint is about the discrimination suffered by a marriage of women who are not allowed to share a room in an old people’s home. The topic of debate is open with DEAR WOMAN DIRECTOR, because when the main characters have already lived the repression of Franco dictatorship, now, in the 21st century, they have to face a lesbophobic attitude in their old age. The functional diversity of a young man in HANDS AND WINGS becomes poetry when he derives sexual pleasure through mind from his friend. When love has a price, in this CASH LOVE the feeling expectations vanish. In VICTORIA a father assumes his responsibilities. Now as a mother and, without prejudice, with her daughter. ACUITZERAMO shows us how a father’s death can be the moment to relive -by his son, feelings never exposed throughout the years-. Surprise and humour are brought to us in YOUR LUCKY DAY by a harassment situation either comical and free from prejudices. THE LONELY PRINCE deals a loneliness despite power, with a staging of great aesthetic beauty, and UNCOLOURED GIRL exposes the change that work and feelings may provoke on a young girl student.
In TRANSITION AND HAPPINESS the profound exaltation of female transsexual diversity offered through Rosa Maria, is admirable. A fighter in a heteronormative system of genital assignments, mother-ex-father of two daughters who still call her “daddy”. In FERNANDEZ PRATSCH, Serafin, through his vindictive attitude and contagious humanity, throws a message of hope to new generations that have not experienced affective repression. And in the documentary TRANS* FAMILIES- IDENTITY CONSTRUCTIONS the vision cannot be broader, since it gives voice to minor children and relatives, with a message of sincerity and very clear and defining concepts.
Two films awarded at the AMOR es AMOR Festival in Córdoba (Argentina): FEELING GOOD, where heartbreak and confusion can cause hysteria in a couple on the brink of separation. And the true exercise of sensibility in the judicial case of a murdered trans woman, which is CUERPO TRANS (VERSADO).

Director and Programmer of FICGLB-Cinema and Diversity. Founder of the FICGLB

FICGLB – Cinema and Diversity
Girona-LGTIBQ+ Cinema Award


Chairwoman: Rosa Maria Vilaseca Marcó, GLG Grup de Lesbianes de Girona
J.Pau Galvez Lot, FAGC
Laia Cruañas Mateu, Girona Orgullosa
Anna Lara Rial, ACAS
Salva Romero García, FLG Famílies LGTBI

Girona. From 9 to 13 November, 2021

Session 1. Friday, 12 November. Cinemes Albeniz 4:00pm
HANDS AND WINGS by Sungbin Byun (South Korea, 2019, 17′)
THE LONELY PRINCE by Shivin and Sunny (India 2020, 15′)

Session 2. Friday, 12 November. Cinemes Albeniz 5:00pm.
FERNANDEZ PRATSCH by Emiliano Spampinato (Spain, 2020, 29′) Audience Award at Madrid and BerlinRevolution Film Festivals (2021)
TRANSITION AND HAPPINESS by Jonas Benarroch (Spain, 2020, 78′)

With the participation of Serafín Fernández, Michael Pratsch and Rosa Maria Maristany

Session 3. Friday, 12 November. Cinemes Albeniz 7:00pm
Awarded films at the AMOR es AMOR Film Festival (Córdoba, Argentina)
Best National Fiction: FEELING GOOD by Danisa Munguía (Argentina, 2021, 18′)
Best Argentinian Documentary: CUERPO TRANS (VERSADO) by Salomé Lozano (Argentina, 2021, 16′)
TU DÍA DE SUERTE by Fele Martínez (Spain, 2019, 10’)
ACUITZERAMO by Miguel Angel Caballero (Mexico / USA, 2019, 15′)
UNCOLOURED GIRL by Charlie García Villalba (Catalonia, 2019, 15′)
AMOR AL CONTADO by Iñigo Izquierdo (Euskadi, 2019, 8′)
VICTORIA by Daniel Toledo Saura (Spain, 2019, 8′)

Session 4. Friday, 12 November. Cinemes Albeniz 9:00pm
ESTIMADA SEÑORA DIRECTORA by Michèle Massé (Spain, 2019, 3′)

There will be a debate, after the screening, with the participation of the filmmaker Mar C. LLop, and Xavier-Daniel, filmmaker and Programming Director)

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