A Glória e a Graça (Gloria and Grace)

Spanish Premiere
Brazil, 2017, 94′

Graça is a single mother who works as a massage therapist and lives with her two children. When she decides to go after her brother, Luiz Carlos, whom she hasn’t seen in over 15 years due to a quarrel, they meet. He has become Gloria, a beautiful and successful trans. She accepts Graça’s invitation to meet her nephews and eventually realizes that maybe, to be complete, she needs to become a mother.

Dir.: Flávio Ramos Tambellini
Writer: Mikael de Albuquerque, Lusa Silvestre
Photography: Gustavo Hadba
Editor: Sergio Mekler
Composer: Pedro Tambellini
Cast.: Carolina Ferraz, Sandra Corveloni, Carol Marra, Cesar Melo, Sofia Marques, Vicente Demori
Production: Flávio Ramos Tambellini, Alexandre Coutinho, Carolina Ferraz