Aabar Jadi Iccha Karo… (If You Dare Desire …)

Spanish Premiere
India, 2017, 52′

Within this hetero-patriarchal world, the women resist with their bodies, with their hearts, their love and desires.
2011.In a small village of West Bengal,India – Swapna and Sucheta-two young women in love with each other – took their own lives. No one from their families came to claim their dead bodies.They remain unclaimed… They had died for love but still live among us, for us.Based on a true story.

Dir.: Debalina Majumder
Writer: Susmita Sinha
Photography: Argha Biswas, Debalina
Editor: Abhro Banerjee
Composer: Mayukh – Mainak
Cast.: Swapna : Farha Khatun Sucheta : Manisha Bilkis, Naren : Goutam Mukhopadhyay, Nafisa : Soma Sarkar, Bikash : Amit Saha
Production: Sappho for Equality