Extra Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

Spanish Premiere
Puerto Rico, Venezuela, 2016, 113′

Teresa is a vegetarian lesbian and a successful astrophysicist living with her fiancé, Daniela in the Canary Islands. After years of auto-exile, she goes back to her rural home in Puerto Rico to invite her family to her wedding. The Díaz family is a conservative clan that owns a Poultry Processing Plant. Unwilling to reveal their secrets, no one in the family is who they say they are, which is why Teresa opts for lying.

Dir.: Carla Cavina
Writer: Carla Cavina
Photography: Pj Lopéz
Editor: Carla Cavina,Diego Cardier
Composer: Omar Silva
Cast.: Marisé Alvarez, Prakriti Maduro, Emmanuel Logroño, Elba Escobar
Production: Carla Cavina, Yomaira Molina Landaeta