The Blue Years (Los Años Azules)

FIPRESCI’s Award, 32 Festival de Cinema de Guadalajara (Mexico)
Spanish Premiere

Mexico, 2017, 103′

An old house in a traditional neighborhood of Guadalajara is inhabited by five people who share the expenses, dreams and a part of their lives, while observed by Schrödinger, a cat that seems to be part of the place. Through its eyes, we know the conflicts of these boys from different regions of the country and opposite cultures, who left their home in search of a life of their own, finding a dysfunctional family on the way.

Dir.: Sofía Gómez Córdova
Writer: Luis Briones, Sofía Gómez Córdova
Photography: Ernesto Trujillo Rivera
Editor: Yordi Capó, Samuel Kishi
Composer: Kenji Kishi, Víctor Pulpo
Cast.: Paloma Domínguez, Luis Velázquez, Natalia Gómez Vázquez, Juan Carlos Huguenin, Ilse Orozco
Production: Luna Marán, Miriam Henze