Santa & Andrés

Awards: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Lola Amores) Guadalajara International, Special Honorary Award (Maguey LGBT Competition) 2017
Spanish Premiere

Cuba, France, Colombia, 2016, 105′

The story of an improbable friendship between a revolutionary country girl and a noncompliant gay writer she has to watch over for three consecutive days. The story goes on in the East of Cuba, in the early 80’s. It deals with the friendship that arises between two people who, apparently, are very different, but who gradually become aware that the things that unite them are more important than the ones that separate them.

Dir.: Carlos Lechuga
Writer: Carlos Lechuga
Photography: Javier Labrador
Editor: Joanna Montero
Composer: Santiago Barbosa Cañón
Cast.: Lola Amores, Eduardo Martínez, George Abreu, Luna Tinoco, Cesar Domínguez
Production: Producciones de la 5ta Avenida (Cuba), Igolai Producciones (Colombia), Promenades Films (France)