28-J PRIDE DAY at Filmoteca

The LGTIB International Pride Day is commemorated on June 28th, the day that, in 1969, took place the revolt of Stonewall in New York City, which encouraged the beginning of homosexual liberation.

SCREENING 28th June at 07:30 pm

FILMOTECA DE CATALUNYA, Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1-9


Demanding parents A demanding school. An education designed for winners. Damien endures bullying as most, in silence.

European Premiere.

Dir.:Teresa Martino
Screenplay:Alejandro Campos
Photo.:Paolo Columbro
Edition:Teresa Martino
Music:Marcos Rodríguez
Cast.:Zarén Gorosito, Verónica Koziura, Brandon Cosma, Daniela Martino, Edgardo Sánchez Rossi, Soledad Perchante, Salvador Moreyra, Delfina Alvarez, Emerson Speratti, Gonzalo Ibarguren, Santiago Kalinosky
Production:Teresa Martino
13 mins.


A wealthy teenage girl watches a movie about body image. She feels identified with the character and reflects on her own body and identity, but she has to face the harsh reality in her household.

European Premiere.

Dir.:Boris Guzmán
Screenplay:Frances López, Boris Guzmán
Photo.:Gerardo Gómez
Edition:Yaritza Alicea
Cast.:Carolyn Berrios, Ariel Orama, Keyla Mariano
Production:Juan Matos
Country:Puerto Rico
6 mins.


The Ramblas in Barcelona have been the reason for the transsexual liberation of the main characters of this documentary.

Dir.: Fab Llanos
Production: Mercè Meroño i Tomás Balbas. Fundació Àmbit Prevenció
10 mins.


The unexpected sexual awakening and hiding an unavoidable desire are the main Roman’s awareness. This is a story about self-discovery in which a quiet real estate agent is feeling attracted to another man, twenty years younger than him.

Dir:Majo Staffolani
Production:Vanessa Ragone (Guanyadora d’un Oscar amb “El secreto de sus ojos”
Screenplay:Majo Staffolani
Photo.:Mariana Bomba
Music:Flor Bobadilla Oliva
Edition:Majo Staffolani – Luca Castello
Cast.:Carlo Argento, Gastón Cocchiarale, Gabriela Izcovich
61 mins.
Selected by BAFICI (Buenos Aires Film Festival)

After the screenings, a debate will take place with Rosa M. Maristany (chairwoman of Trans* Baix Power Association), Fab Llanos (filmmaker), Xavier-Daniel (founder and director of The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival) Carla and Penélope (activist transsexual women).

Organized by: FICGLB, LGTIB cultural association with the participation of Trans* Baix Power and Fundació Àmbit Prevenció at Raval District in Barcelona.

FICGLB at 25th Mostra

From The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, as a guest festival in this 25th anniversary of the Mostra de Cine Latinoamericano de Catalunya, taking place at Lleida city, we have selected some films that reflect the concerns of young filmmakers, emphasizing women filmmakers. They all have an outstanding role in the four scheduled films, whether as a director, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker or actress, in short film, documentary or fiction film. They deal with LGB themes (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) in Argentine and Spanish productions, going from respect for identity and older people’s feelings (Lo que no se ve, short film awarded by the audience in the FICGLB 2018) to the emotional relationship in spite of the age difference (Román), through the discovery of love in prison (Cárceles bolleras) and the release of family tensioness at a dinner with lots of humour (Boutade). Xavier-Daniel (director and programmer of the FICGLB, in his 25th anniversary as founder in Barcelona of the first film festival of the Spanish State specialized in LGTIB themes).

SCREENINGS ESPAI FUNATIC, LLEIDA. c/ Pi i Margall, 26. Telf: 973 300 027

BOUTADE. Saturday 8th June at 10:30h / Tuesday 11 June at 21:00h

Christmas Eve might become an ideal set to solve all the problems that have come up along the year with your loved ones. For this reason, Juan and Luis will invite Tere and Ana in order to release the tenseness created in the past.

Dirección: Dany Ruz
Producción: Dany Ruz, Mayte Martínez
Guión: Juan Carlos Rubio
Fotografía: Juan Manuel de la Cruz
Música: Jesús Calderón
Edición: Dany Ruz
Intérpretes.: Juan Carlos Villanueva, Montse Torrent, María José Martínez, Alberto de los Ríos
España, 2018 Duración: 13′

ROMÁN. Saturday 8th June at 10:30h / Tuesday 11 June at 21:00h

The unexpected sexual awakening and hiding an unavoidable desire are the main Roman’s awareness. This is a story about self-discovery in which a quiet real estate agent is feeling attracted to another man, twenty years younger than him.

Dirección y guión: Majo Staffolani
Producción: Vanessa Ragone (Guanyadora d’un Oscar amb “El secreto de sus ojos”
Fotografía: Mariana Bomba
Música: Flor Bobadilla Oliva
Edición: Majo Staffolani – Luca Castello
Intérpretes: Carlo Argento, Gastón Cocchiarale, Gabriela Izcovich
Argentina, 2018 Duración: 61’
Seleccionado por el BAFICI (Festival de Cine, Buenos Aires)

LO QUE NO SE VE. Saturday 8th June at 12:45h / Monday 10th June at 21:45h

Premio del Público al mejor cortometraje, FICGLB 2018
Premio del Público CineVersátil, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lorenza is about to be 80 and has just become a widow. She decides to return to her youth home, but her daughter does not agree. However her granddaughters, Sofia and Alba, decide to go with her. It’s a minimal story as simple as necessary.

Dirección: Lamberto Guerra
Producción: Lamberto Guerra
Guión: Lamberto Guerra
Fotografía: Vasni Ramos
Música: Jonay Armas
Edición: Vasni Ramos, Lamberto Guerra
Intérpretes: Lorenza Machín, Sofía Privitera, Alba Tonini, Tara Machín, Paloma Albaladejo
España, 2017
Duración: 5’

CÁRCELES BOLLERAS. Saturday 8th June at 12:45h / Monday 10th June at 21:45h

Andrea travelled as a drug mule from Argentina, but she was taken directly from Barcelona airport to prison. Katia was imprisioned for two years at Martutene correctional facility in the Basque Country. Marta Dillon, journalist and feminist, visited over several years the female prisoners at the Ezeiza prison in Buenos Aires and she wrote their experiences in the book “Captive Hearts“.
These stories, along with those of some other former prisoners and researchers, are part of the documentary “Cárceles Bolleras” (Dyke Jails) where those women’s reality behind the bars and how gender inequality affects their lives are depicted. Under these circumstances, lesbian desire becomes a form of resistance to the penitentiary institution.

English Title: Dyke Jails
Dirección: Cecilia Montagut
Producción: Cecilia Montagut & Raquel Osborne
Guión: Cecilia Montagut
Fotografía: Cecilia Montagut
Edición: Cecilia Montagut
Intérpretes: Andrea Noemí Vera, Dolores Juliano, Concha Yagüe, Mar Sánchez, Katia Reimberg, Marta Dillon, Estibaliz de Miguel, Ana María Bruña, Inés Herrero, María Ruíz Torrado, Raquel Osborne, Pedro Montagut, Roser Rius Camps, David Urra, Silvia Reyes, María Jesús Lastra, Lucas Platero.
España/Argentina, 2018
Duración: 66′


The FICGLB goes to Cuba

The FICGLB is the only Film Festival which has been invited by the Director of the Cuban National Film Library, Mr. Luciano Castillo, in order to create a programme based on either awarded and well-known current films selected during the annual editions by its director, filmmaker and Catalan film critic Xavier-Daniel.

In this way, an initiative that took place 24 years ago in Spain is consolidated, when he founded and directed in Barcelona the first LGTIB Film Festival, then the audience was able to watch, for the first time, films that were not screened in our country commercial cinemas.

Xavier-Daniel will repeat this deed in a country where the public has not the chance to see these films, and it will be possible now because the transition has begun in Cuba. He’s facing the challenge of being a pioneer by programming quality and innovative films, in fact he has been celebrating all these film festivals as a director for twenty-four years.

The prestige of the National Film Library in Cuba has taken it into consideration and has appraised that the continuity of this schedule will make the Cuban audience enjoy this event addressed to those who are looking forward to their concerns accomplished.

We would like to underline too the great success of the LGTIB-themed film sessions programmed at the Havana Film Festival. Since just a few films are screened, the cinema entrance is very crowded, mainly because after the Festival these films will no longer be seen, and this is an exception which only takes place during the annual Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

The FICGLB in Cuba will mean an unprecedented event, either socially and cultural, as it happenned in Spain during the last years under Franco’s regime. By then, Xavier-Daniel was programming already, in France, some LGTIB-themed films which were banned in Spain by the pro-Franco censorship. On those days, the Spanish cinema-goers would cross the France border just for attending the Art and Essay Movie sessions, therefore those famous week-ends became a real sociological phenomenon. Actually it was a great success.

We deeply acknowledge the professional career of our Director for being so brave on those hard times when the rights for LGTIB and freedom were repressed.

We wish him a great and well deserved success in this new stage.

Film Festival Board



Degree in Audiovisual Communication (Universitat Ramon Llull). Director of the film program ‘La Cartelera’ of betevé. Tertuliana in the programme ‘La Ventana Indiscreta’ directed by Àlex Gorina (Catalunya Ràdio), where she has also been part of the team that has broadcast the Oscars Awards gala in the last two editions. She is president of ACCEC (Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers)

Read moreMARTA ARMENGOU (President)



2016/18 · Production Manager, coordination and audiovisual image of the Girona Film Festival.
2016/08 · Stage Hand, Runner and sound and lighting assistant, for Link Produccions and Penny Wise.
2015 · Set Assistant Location and Video / DIT Support in Game Of Thrones. Season VI, Girona / Almería.
2015 · Production Manager, coordination and audiovisual image of the Girona Film Festival.
2014 · Production Manager of the Girona Film Festival.
2013 · Founder of the independent audiovisual production company Tallahassee Studio. Madrid
2013 · Camera operator for the documentary ‘Lesson in Life’. BCN




2012 Degree in Audiovisual Communication. School of Audiovisual Communication – Sevilla
2015 Fashion photography course – Fotodesign Fotodesign Barcelona- Barcelona

I was introduced to the world of the image since I was very very young, I was always interested in filming and photographing everything I passed by without knowing that it could become a profession.

Since I entered the world of photography in a more professional way, I have always tried to go beyond
and manage my own projects to start and create my own team.




Degree in Audiovisual Communication (UAB), works as a freelance journalist and film disseminator
dynamizing cinephorums and teaching film history classes at Casa Elizalde. She has written film reviews for several media, such as Elcinèfil.cat, Mataró Radio, Nube and the magazine Renacuajo. She is a promoter of the Colectivo Hotel Eléctrico that organizes the Film Market of Mataró.




He works at the ESUPT in Mataró, where he is part of the Narrativas de la Resistencia research group. He has published in magazines such as Zer, Fotocinema or Quaderni of CSCI. In digital format, he has participated in blogsandocs and was the co-editor of Pause.


A Glória e a Graça (Gloria and Grace)

Spanish Premiere
Brazil, 2017, 94′

Graça is a single mother who works as a massage therapist and lives with her two children. When she decides to go after her brother, Luiz Carlos, whom she hasn’t seen in over 15 years due to a quarrel, they meet. He has become Gloria, a beautiful and successful trans. She accepts Graça’s invitation to meet her nephews and eventually realizes that maybe, to be complete, she needs to become a mother.

Read moreA Glória e a Graça (Gloria and Grace)

Aabar Jadi Iccha Karo… (If You Dare Desire …)

Spanish Premiere
India, 2017, 52′

Within this hetero-patriarchal world, the women resist with their bodies, with their hearts, their love and desires.
2011.In a small village of West Bengal,India – Swapna and Sucheta-two young women in love with each other – took their own lives. No one from their families came to claim their dead bodies.They remain unclaimed… They had died for love but still live among us, for us.Based on a true story.

Read moreAabar Jadi Iccha Karo… (If You Dare Desire …)

Bao Bao

European Premiere
Taiwan, 2018, 96′

As same-sex couples, Cindy, Joanne, Charles, and Tim collaborate together to help each other to own a baby. Even though it’s not generally acceptable in many places in Taiwan to be same-sex parents.

Over 25 years after The Wedding Banquet (1993), on the crucial period of Taiwan becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, Bao Bao (2018) can be regarded as the most significant LGBTQ film in this generation.

Read moreBao Bao

Miss Rosewood

Spanish Premiere
Denmark/USA, 2017, 67′

“This film is made as a gender liberation manifestation, through the artist Miss Rosewood is the intention to give an experience of self-empowerment to live out who you believe you are or what you want to be. There is no specification to this process and the message is of that to free the mind from classification. The images are rough to unsettle the morality of a perfect view to the gender liberation, its intentional to provoke inner conflict with what is freedom.”Helle Jensen.

Read moreMiss Rosewood

Iago Pericot. La conquesta de la innocència

World Premiere
Catalonia, 2018, 52′

Iago Pericot ‘The Conquest of Innocence’ is a journey through the events that marked his life (Franco’s repression, awareness of his homosexuality, his stay in London during the troubled 60s) and his works (“Rebel Delirium”, ‘Bent’, ‘MozartNu’), which were essential for modernizing the Catalan theater. It is the story of the creative process of an artist who, at 85, wants to continue talking about the world through his art. It is the portrait of his relationship with Josep, his companion for 15 years.

Read moreIago Pericot. La conquesta de la innocència


European Premiere
USA, 2017, 15′

The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion. Everyday Waleed washes his disabled dad, Khaled, for prayer as a part of their Islamic religious obligation. But, when Khaled suspects his son is gay he’s torn between accepting him or living on his own unable to pray.

Read moreAblution

Female Connection

European Premiere
USA, 2018, 4′

Liz, an out lesbian, and Kylie, a questioning heterosexual, are neighbors. When they first meet, there is an undeniable attraction between them. Their chemistry is immediately apparent even to Kylie’s boyfriend Matt. The two girls fall in love and Matt is soon out of the picture. But despite all their passion, Kylie continually pulls away, fighting the reality that she is in love with a woman.

Read moreFemale Connection


European Premiere
USA, 2017, 18′

Film about Carson, a gay twenty-something looking for love on all the wrong apps. After being rejected by an online hookup for being too “femme”, Carson embarks on a hilarious journey towards self-discovery and acceptance by way of a manic existential crisis and a drag queen fairy godmother. Set in Hell’s Kitchen, the epicenter of New York City gay life, Carson must confront his own notions of masculinity, gender performance, and discrimination within the LGBTQ community.

Read moreFemme

Hotel Boy

World Premiere
Denmark, 2018, 12′

The young Samir accompanies the politician Stefan to a hotel room. Samir is in love and has set everything aside to be able to go with Stefan, as they had planned. But under the surface lies a big misunderstanding, and outside in the rain a journalist is waiting for the next big headline.

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Thursday 18
Sessió inaugural

davy & GOLIATH

Say Yes


Friday 19




Mrs McCutcheon

Miss Rosewood


Friday 19


Sessió de curtmetratges (1)


Entre paredes

Female Connection


House of Air

Algo serio

Isla ignorada #2

Lo que no se ve

El macho así entendido





Saturday 20


Heather Has Four Moms

Bao Bao


Sunday 21


Un instante

Memorias Del Agua


Iago Pericot. La conquesta de la innocència


Sunday 21


Sweet and Sour

Evening Shadows


Tuesday 23


Sessió de curtmetratges 2

Scheideweg (Teenage Threesome)

The Fix

The Last Party

Don’t Judge Me, It’s Rude

Hotel Boy

Mors lilla Olle (Little Boy Blue)

Aabar Jadi Iccha Karo… (If You Dare Desire…)


Wednesday 24


Sessió de curtmetratges (3)

Se murió Juan Gabriel


El Alquiler

Primavera rosa en España


…Aunque nos pese



Friday 26


Sessió de cloenda

Cola de mono


Saturday 27



Pney Zaken – Eze (Senior Moments – Eze)

Yes and No



Saturday 27


Sessió de curtmetratges 4



Recuerdo de mis 15

Yeniden Dogus (Rebirth)

A.M.O.R Ante Mucho Odio Revolución.

The Jump Off

Mir selbst so fremd (A Stranger to Myself)

Mar de celos


Sunday 28


Matt & Dan: Sex Notes

A Glória e a Graça (Gloria and Grace)


Mors lilla Olle (Little Boy Blue)

Spanish Premiere
Sweden, 2017, 11′

”Little Boy Blue” is the story about Olle, five years old. He lives with his two dads in a home where he has everything any child could ever dream of. One night, just after Olle has gone to sleep, they receive a visit from an uninvited guest who has anything but good intentions.

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Se murió Juan Gabriel (Juan Gabriel is dead)

Spanish Premiere
Mexico / Germany, 2018, 15′

The very day the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel died, Beto and Daniel, two Mexican teenagers, will strengthen their friendship. Daniel imagines how his day-to-day would be like if he was a girl, perhaps then his feelings could be seen as a daily life.

Read moreSe murió Juan Gabriel (Juan Gabriel is dead)


Jordi Cadena i Casanovas (Barcelona, March 11, 1947)

Director, screenwriter and producer of Catalan cinema. He was one of the fifteen founders of the Association of Filmmakers in Catalonia. He has collaborated in Fotogramas, Dirigido por…, Flash Foto, Ajoblanco, among other publications.

He is one of the most important contemporary Catalan filmmakers; since 1967 has an experience with essential titles such as És quan dormo que hi veig clar or La señora, portraits of extraordinary painters like Guinovart, Tharrats or Vilacasas, documentaries like Noches de Jazz or the historical one that he shot with Albert Abril on the Diada de Catalunya – 1977. He has been professor of script and direction in the University Pompeu Fabra and the Sant Ignasi Polytechnical Institute.



Ventura Oller

He began to play roles on stage at age 14. He obtained the professional card at the age of 20 with the company of Luis Prendes. Attended to courses of performance and sang with several teachers. Since then he has been involved in many feature films, plays, musicals and programs of television, among them: Fiesta, with Rosa Mª Sardá, La Granja, We will come to dinner, programs with Lloll Bertran, El Super, Petra Delicado, Open 24 hours, Journalists.The last musical performance in which he acted was Guys & Dolls, directed by Mario Gas, with the National Company of Catalonia … He has worked with Sara Montiel in La Violetera and Carmen, la de Ronda. “They were two scenes but they made me meet her and learn a lot” says the actor. Author of the book “My adventure and misfortune”



Mercè Espelleta

Actress, director of casting and actor coach for camera, and playwright.
Member of the AADPC, Academy of the Catalan Cinema, CIMA, SGAE and Projecte Vaca


She is a graduate of the Theatre Institute of Barcelona, graduated in Technique Meisner with Javier Galito-Cava in 2010. She studied with Bob McAndrew “the actor before the camera”. He studied singing with Hellen Gallaguer, Susanna Domènec, Viv Maning, Helena Cabo. Ballroom dancing with Ferran Castells, tap dancing with Luís Mendez.



Jesús González Notario

He is a member of the ACCEC, Catalan Association of Critics and Cinema Writers. Teacher and historian of Art. Radio program editor Band Sonora and usual collaborator in the program of recent movies “Son al cine” by Mataró Ràdio and the magazine “Sortim” by Mataró Ràdio. Escriu film critic to the monthly “Tribuna Maresme” and the cultural magazine “Crazy Friday. He has collaborated in The factory, of M1TV, and has been programmer of the Cinema Show of New Directors in Mataró since 1995.

JGN has been a member of the jury FIPRESCI, International Federation of Film Critics, at the festivals of Motovun (Croatia) and Odessa (Ukraine).

He is the administrator of the page of Albert Serra in Facebook and invigorating of the pages of # CinemaCatalà to Facebook and Twitter.
Writer in the blog Mesmestimoledison (mesmestimoledison.wordpress.com). It forms part of the collective Hotel Eléctrico in charge of spread and diffusion of the cinema.


From Cuba: Young and Pink in Barcelona

The presence of Cuban films at the 17th edition of The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival  contributes to show up youth and self-confidence, characteristic elements of the audiovisuals in our Island at the present time. To start with the fiction feature, the film Santa y Andrés (Carlos Lechuga, 2016) brings us closer to a story about intolerance and prejudice, not only of sexual  nature, but social and political too built on an original love story. Two very well composed characters are integrated into the most illustrious human beings in our cinema.

Another documentary film is Villa Rosa (Lázaro G.González, 2016) takes place at Caibarién, a humble fishing village in the North of the country, where an aquatic carnival is organized by the active Gay community there. The young director, based on the screenplay by Nelson Breijo, took the opportunity to investigate and reveal some criteria and experiences about many local people’s lives on the site. According to the trans Roxana Rojo (a Diva there) dyed herself in pink for the event. It’s a well-known colour and an international symbol for homoerotism.

The approach goes beyond an specific fact to address the issue far beyond the context, starting from different viewpoints that, according to the people called to contest, their professions and cultural levels are weaving a map of sexual diversity by revealing their own macro and micro stories starting the specific-local to the national ones.

The short films also deal with the research of alternative and dissident identities: Luxemburgo (Fabián Suárez, 2016) depicts the failed relationship between an obese gay and dreamy man, and a security guard working at the first McDonalds factory in Cuba. Machismo, double morality and homophobia along with pragmatism and insensitivity characterizes this approach to an specific area of Cuban society, while showing at the same time some universal aspects.

Finally, the documentary short film Batería (Damián Sainz, 2016) reveals the interior of an old military fortress in ruins, outside Havana, where homosexuals go, not just looking for sex, but also for shelter inside the walls, even with rubbish around. This is a worthy sociocultural essay and a great testimony of image and sound in order to draw a mapping from the most representative spaces taken from the outskirts, where the “diversexual “ community is relegated in Cuba, and focused on marginality and danger. In spite of this, many of them have succeeded in building up a dignified and even a nice refuge of their own.

As a way of example, many of these films are grouped within the so-called ICAIC Young Filmmakers Exhibition, but in this 17th edition of The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival,  what it might be highly appreciated, as far as contemporary Cuban audiovisuals is  concerned, is the filmmakers’ interest  in reflecting the sexual diversity with its peculiar edges, and the development in this Antilles island.

Frank Padrón, Havana 2017.

Poet, narrator, essayist, Art critic and Cuban audiovisual massmedia communicator. He is specialized in Ibero-American cinema, and has taught at the International School of Cinema and TV in San Antonio de los Baños. Author of the book Different. Cinema and sexual diversity. He has also worked as a cultural promoter and in favour of the LGBTI community rights in Cuba. He is a member of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, and the Union of Journalists in Cuba. He is a Founding Member of the Cuban Cinematographic Press Association, affiliated to the International Federation of Cinematographic Press (FIPRESCI).

After Louie

Spanish Premiere
USA, 2017, 100′

Sam (Alan Cumming)is a troubled New York-based artist. A survivor of the AIDS epidemic, his loft is full of souvenirs and memories of former lovers, along with evidence of his time as an activist in ACT UP. He meets a young man, Braeden (Zachary Booth) in a bar and assumes that because of his youth the only reason for him to pursue a sexual encounter is a commercial one. However, it turns out to be the catalyst for a new phase in his life as an artist. Through Sam, a generation deals with the unresolved trauma of loss for those who lived through the 1980s and 1990s. Sam’s grief and anger turn into a sharing of knowledge and experience, expanding the possibilities of intergenerational understanding.

Read moreAfter Louie

Against the law

Spanish Premiere
United Kingdom, 2017, 82′

2017 sees the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act which decriminalised homosexual acts in England and Wales between adult males, in private. While it would take several decades before homosexuals would reach anything like full equality in this country, this legislation marks the beginning of this journey, through those dark days, when homosexuals were routinely imprisoned or forced to undergo chemical aversion therapy in an attempt to cure them of their ‘condition’. There is also testimony from a retired police officer whose job it was to enforce these laws, and a former psychiatric nurse who administered the so-called cures. All these accounts amplify the themes of the drama and help to immerse us in the reality of a dark chapter in our recent past.

Read moreAgainst the law

Chinatown (Barrio Chino)

Spanish Premiere
Italy, 1990, 58′

Recovering memory: Barcelona is preparing the Olympic Games of ’92. There are people who transform their lives and at the same time they show us another reality.

The documentary CHINATOWN is a witness of the pre-Olympic Barcelona transformation: as a cosmopolitan city and that of some citizens such as Carmen de Mairena, who lives in the red-light district and exhibits the human squalid conditions and wealth values. Together with Nino Spaghetti, both are the main characters of this city transformation and at the same time its personality.

Read moreChinatown (Barrio Chino)

Extra Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

Spanish Premiere
Puerto Rico, Venezuela, 2016, 113′

Teresa is a vegetarian lesbian and a successful astrophysicist living with her fiancé, Daniela in the Canary Islands. After years of auto-exile, she goes back to her rural home in Puerto Rico to invite her family to her wedding. The Díaz family is a conservative clan that owns a Poultry Processing Plant. Unwilling to reveal their secrets, no one in the family is who they say they are, which is why Teresa opts for lying.

Read moreExtra Terrestrials (Extra Terrestres)

The Blue Years (Los Años Azules)

FIPRESCI’s Award, 32 Festival de Cinema de Guadalajara (Mexico)
Spanish Premiere

Mexico, 2017, 103′

An old house in a traditional neighborhood of Guadalajara is inhabited by five people who share the expenses, dreams and a part of their lives, while observed by Schrödinger, a cat that seems to be part of the place. Through its eyes, we know the conflicts of these boys from different regions of the country and opposite cultures, who left their home in search of a life of their own, finding a dysfunctional family on the way.

Read moreThe Blue Years (Los Años Azules)

Santa & Andrés

Awards: Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress (Lola Amores) Guadalajara International, Special Honorary Award (Maguey LGBT Competition) 2017
Spanish Premiere

Cuba, France, Colombia, 2016, 105′

The story of an improbable friendship between a revolutionary country girl and a noncompliant gay writer she has to watch over for three consecutive days. The story goes on in the East of Cuba, in the early 80’s. It deals with the friendship that arises between two people who, apparently, are very different, but who gradually become aware that the things that unite them are more important than the ones that separate them.

Read moreSanta & Andrés


European Premiere
China, 2017, 25′

1997 China is a place of transitions. Control of Hong Kong has just returned to the mainland. Western values are beginning to impact traditional Chinese values. At this time, 11-year-old Qingqing is also in a place of transition. On the cusp of adolescence, she lives with her mom in the peaceful city of Wuhan. When Qingqing discover her mom’s oddly close relationship with a female friend, she starts stalking them, only to discover her secret.

Read moreCocoon


USA, 2016, 17′

A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families. In this endearing comedy, a potty-mouthed octogenarian in an assisted living facility gets a big-time surprise engineered by his daughter, in this funny and endearing sketch directed (and with a delightful cameo) by Danny DeVito.

Read moreCurmudgeons

The Swan

Spanish Premiere
Mexico. USA, 2016, 22′

Sthefany Galante is a Mexican trans woman who migrated to the United States after experiencing gender discrimination in her hometown. After being away from home for six years, Sthefany is preparing for an imminent trip to Hidalgo, Mexico, to confront her parents about her gender identity.

Read moreThe Swan


Barcelona Premiere
Catalonia, 2017, 7′

Carmeta, Mari and Pilar are three old ladies from Sucs, a little village in Plana de Lleida, who spend every afternoon sitting on a bench to catch up. The arrival of a strange couple of young girls turns into the main topic of discussion among the three friends… until gossip awakes deep feelings from their past.



Spanish Premiere
Germany, 2017, 10′

A pair of thirtysomethings picks up a young, attractive black man for a threesome. As they review the experience, they probe each other, masking their own insecurities with hipster irony and provocation, including homophobic and racist jokes. Soon the situation turns very embarrassing for them.



European Premiere
Lebanon, 2016, 15′

Fourteen-year-old Nidal is one of the 4.8 million Syrians who has been displaced by war. Born female, Nidal has identified as a boy since he was nine years old which coincided with their escape from Syria. As his body starts to mature, he is forced to navigate the complexity of his circumstances in the confines of a refugee camp and a culture that cannot comprehend gender fluidity.

Read moreNidal


Spanish Premiere
Spain, 2017, 10′

Santi and Jota are two neighbourhood friends forever. Like many others, they don’t study nor work, and they live their lives by getting drunk in the park, going to Nightclubs, and talking about which of their girl friends is hotter. But Jota is worried about something else. Oppressed by the heat of August, Santi is decided to make him talk, and in order to persuade him, has worked out an infallible plan.

Read morePiscina


European Premiere
Guatemala, 2017, 33′

Film about three relationships between men happening simultaneously in a country without any rights for LGBTI individuals. “First” tells the story of two teenage boys who don’t fit in their school and randomly meet at a birthday party. “True” is a comedy of errors, when Alejandro decides to attend the wedding of his ex-boyfriend and discovers that his future husband has a secret. “Last” is the tragic story of a seven-year long closeted relationship when individuals are not honest with each other and their families.

Read morePrimero-Verdadero-Último


Barcelona Premiere
Canada, 2016, 15′

This is a short horror film set in present-day Moscow. The short film follows 16 year-old Pyotr as he is baited over a dating app by an ultra-nationalist group known for their violent abductions, bolstered by Russia’s recent passing of an anti-LGBT propaganda law, but Pyotr has a dangerous secret…

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Scar Tissue

Spanish Premiere
Netherlands, 2017, 15′

As the Syrian civil war rages, Sami (Noah Valentyn) has fled Damascus and now lives in Amsterdam. He hopes to be able to build a home here and be able to live openly as a gay man. Most of all, he hopes to escape the ghosts of the past that still haunt him. A chance encounter brings him face to face with Johan (Daan Colijn): A self-assured, direct and sensual man. Over the course of a night, some unsettling secrets are revealed that will make both men confront some harsh truths about the very different worlds they come from.

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Según Mateo

European Premiere
Spain, 2017, 19′

Mateo and his boyfriend, Marc, arrive home after a night out with Luke, a guy they’ve just met. After an argument, Mateo leaves the flat and bumps into Jon, a drug dealer they have called. Mateo convinces Jon to take him to his house where he discovers he can’t feel anything if it’s not through pain.

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If a tree falls in a forest…

World Premiere
Spain, 2017, 11′

What is the reality of gays and lesbians when they reach a certain age? This is the testimony of those who had to remain silent, in front of a hostile environment, beginning in their own families and, in many cases, ended in jail. Carlos, Rosa, Eduardo and Ricardo explain the route that has marked their lives and how they face their present and future.

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Venus – Filly the lesbian little Fairy

Spanish Premiere
Brazil, 2017, 6′

From the foam of the sea, fertilized by the blood of the sky, was born Venus, enchanting goddess. In the animated fairy tale Filly,a lesbian fairy tale with nimble fingers, seduces women by day, dressed as boy. But at night something strange happens and soon half the population of Whitsitt Village are eagerly queuing up.

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Spanish Premiere
Catalonia, 2017, 14′

Alex and Hugo are a young couple who are together for 6 months. One Friday night, when Hugo is at Alex’s apartment some issues about the sexual roles will be discussed. What it seemed a simple argument, it ends up by bringing to light some very important issues about the necessary basis for a working relationship.

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Spanish Premiere
Germany, 2017, 23′

Laura is a self-confident young woman, a member of the new “Me Me Me Generation“, also known as “Generation Y”. Spoilt for choice by life’s abundance of options, Laura has lost track of her own aims and ideals. She’s always looking for something, she just doesn’t know what. One night she meets Safi, who has fled her homeland. The encounter gives Laura food for thought.

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JOSEP M. CIVIT (Chairman)

JOSEP M. CIVIT, AEC. Cinematographer. www.josepcivit.com

Born in Barcelona, studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Escola de Disseny Eina and graduated in Theory of Contemporary Arts at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. From 1972 till 1979 worked as a press photographer (Diari de Barcelona, Mundo, Triunfo, Cambio 16, Interviú). From 1979 aims his professional activity towards cinema. He’s been working as Director of Photography since 1986 working for productions of all types in cinema, TV, advertising, documentaries and theatre.

Josep worked internationally throughout his career working with well known directors like Monte Hellmann, Bigas Luna, Agusti Villaronga, Paul Leduc among others, taking him to countries such as USA, Mexico, Colombia, UK, France, United Arab Emirates…He combines his work in feature films with his work in commercials.

Josep has won a Gaudí Award 2016 for Best Cinematography for his work in the feature film The King of Havana directed by Agusti Villaronga. He also received a Goya Nomination for the same film.
In line with each director’s vision, Josep always sets out to weave a sense of emotion in his images.

Read moreJOSEP M. CIVIT (Chairman)


She’s got a Master’s degree in film criticism, in recent years she has published some articles and film critical analysis and conducted covering national and international film festivals. She has also participated in radio programmes and specialized collaborations on the book Steampunk Film (Edited by Tyrannosaurus Books, 2013).

In 2012 she co-founded the digital magazine of film analysis called Cine divergent, being co-director and editor until mid 2016, the year in which the need of creating a more open space to other arts, encouraged her to co-found the Cultural Association Probeta (probeta.info).

She is currently a co-director and editor to the website of The True doesn’t exist (www.larealidadnoexiste.com a Probeta projects) and member of the Board of ACCEC (Catalan Association of Film Critics and Cinema Writers), in addition she’s the editor of Miradas de Cine (www.miradasdecine.es).


-Senior – Graduate “Audiovisual Media” (Cinema Speciality)

-Teacher of Cinema at EMAV (Audiovisual Media’ School) for 30 years  in Film language, script and production, and Television Production and Direction.

-Filmmaker and producer of feature films and short films director : “Tot l`enyor de demà” docudrama about the modernist poet Joan Salvat Papasseit.

-Share Teaching in collaboration with different magazines. Door Cinema section of the magazine “Ajoblanco.”

-Founder of the production company “Paradis Films P.C.S.L” through alternative for direction of short-films and industrial productions.

-Co-founder of “Atisso” association (later: ISO): Technicians Association of Image and Sound of Catalonia.

-Collaborator as a film critic for two years in the program “NEXES” COM Radio.

-Editor and film critic of the magazine “Visual Area” Today “Areavisual.com” and “Areavisual.org”

-Co-filmmaker and film critic for the programme Movies and Screens, and “visual City” at Radio Old City, Barcelona’s District.


Free gender identities

In the present  16th edition, we have expanded our partnership with some important entities, such as Òmnium Cultural, Fundació Àmbit Prevenció, and the opening night will be with Casa America Catalonia. The sessions will take place at the Cinematheque.
Several debates and collaborations with these entities will complete the programme. For instance, the subject about AIDS thirty years later with be carried out with Òmnium Cultural, and the transphobia subject  with the Fundació Àmbit Prevenció of Raval District, Barcelona City Council.
The guest country is Israel, due to the young emerging talented film directors from different film schools in that country. We have scheduled a session of short films dedicated to their jobs, with the presence of several filmmakers.
With a schedule of more than 50 titles from twenty countries, the prospect becomes wider one more year, and including the risk of filmmakers to deal with LGTIB issues in countries where there still exists  death penalty for homosexuality. This year, twenty five professionals will introduce  their films.
Some of the issues are: a Muslim girl who performs an act of love for another one who has been kidnapped and abused by Daesh, it is a film from Saudi Arabia; an allegation against homophobia reaching the most extreme point, by a filmmaker from Israel who will present the session dedicated to this country; a headmistress explains how the risk of an erotic dream becomes true, in a co-production between Israel and Palestine; children and adolescent transgender who have to endure transphobia which affects their lives, and AIDS survivors in San Francisco. These are some of the subjects conveyed in this yearly event, revealing  the concerns of the most rebellious and nonconformist young filmmakers.
In our short films programming we also show  several examples of identities whether or not transgender, since children transgender goes beyond attitudes, that’s to say, a kid  with a boy’s role and a girl with a girl’s role are concepts already established by a repressive society. These young filmmakers want to break the rules socially imposed by male characters and their eagerness for  classifing. They claim stop being  labeled, and they are in favour of each one’s dentity by expressing their own feelings freely.
One of the targets we have set out along all 16 editions is that from The Barcelona International LGTIB Film Festival we have always wanted to give support the Catalan movies because we are aware how difficult it is to produce a feature film in our country. For this reason, we have included the world premiere of Wild Awakening, directed by Joanfer Martin where he explains a rather unusual issue in cinema today, as how homophobia is sometimes a result of a repressed homosexuality.

Founder and  Film Festival Director
Board of Catalan College of Filmmakers
Member of the Catalan Film Critics Association and FIPRESCI


World Premiere
France, Argentina, 2016, 53′

Mariela Muñoz was born named Leonardo. Transexual, he was imprisoned and fighted for his personal condition, and devoted himself to bringing up 17 children who were left to his charge with dignity. Mariela was the first transgender person who got the official documents in Argentine.



European Premiere
Colombia, 2015, 88′

Lucia, a married woman, after the sudden death of her estranged brother Andrés, goes through an emotional crisis. At the funeral, Lucia cannot bear to see him being buried and escapes to Andrés’ apartment. There she meets Mariana, Andrés fiancée, who has been using the apartment as a hideout since the wedding day. Slowly the two women begin to help each other mourn their loss and grow to love one another. After going on a road trip together, Lucia realizes she no longer wants to be married and decides, once and for all, to follow her dreams next to Mariana, the love of her life.



European Premiere
USA, 2016, 66′

“We felt like every day was wonderful and anything could happen.” Rich and distinguished stories unfold among the lives of long-term survivors who have learned how to celebrate, heal, love, and thrive after the devastation of the early AIDS crisis (…)

Survivors are still affected by the trauma of not only their diagnosis but also the loss of community and way of life. Nobody knew they would grow old with AIDS.





World Premiere
Catalonia, 2016, 105′

Emma and Toni are two brothers who when they became orphans should take over the family business:  a riding school. Emma is still young and Toni takes an uncontrolled and promiscuous gay life, so Ramon, the foreman, and his son Aaron, are the ones who keep the business going on. Problems arise when both brothers fall in love with Aaron and he feels pressured by his father’s homophobia.



Spanish Premiere
Germany, 2015, 79′

This film is asking the question of affilation on different levels, it is  a Buddy-Movie about an unlikely friendship. Ibrahim, young, gay, & Turkish, falls in love with “Ali”, a wrestler and criminal, German & straight. A kind of lovestory develops between the two men that surpasses both of them.



European Premiere
France, 2016, 25′

Martin is seventeen and films his daily life with his Hi8 camera. He films everything and anything, his room, the world around him. Never his father. He does not think about it. One day he meets Dominique. He is twenty-three and is a pawn in his high school.

Read more1992


Spanish Premiere
Cuba, 2016, 18′

Alfa Méndez Cuban gay porn actor who has to face the challenge of returning to a film set without Yerry, his sentimental and artistic partner for years. On his first day of shooting without him, Alfa tries to act as in the past but things cannot be like before.

Read moreALFA


Spanish Premiere
Awards: Audience Award for Best International Short at Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro
Italy, 2015, 14′

Salvatore and Giuliano train and play basketball in a park in the suburbs. After the sport they relax on the lawn while speaking of women and their own intimate desires. An intense conversation that will take the two friends on a unexpected direction.



European Premiere
Saudi Arabia, USA, 2016, 11′

A compelling story of love, death, and sacrifice, set against a backdrop of war, hatred, and intolerance, in one of the world’s most troubled regions.Daesh Girl tells the story of Sarah, a young woman drawn into a world of violence and treachery when her friend, Noorah, is abducted by Daesh and forced into servitude. The necessity of freeing Noorah forces Sarah to concoct a desperate scheme which will put her in the greatest possible danger, as she goes undercover to infiltrate one of the world’s most ruthless and deadly extremist groups, with the aim of freeing her friend and killing her captors.



Spanish Premiere
United Kingdom, 2015, 10′

G O’Clock is the groundbreaking new film about the unseen world of house music, muscles, drugs and sex. This is London’s booming gay chemsex scene. After being called out to an emergency, a gay paramedic named Alex saves the life of a young boy who has overdosed on GHB.

Even though this is a daily scenario for Alex, he leads a double life as a frequent sex party reveller. He believes his medical knowledge and responsible party habits are enough to keep him safe from the dangers of the chemsex world. That is until he arrives at a chillout and meets Nik, a sexy, young Spanish boy whom he takes under his wing.

Alex is about to learn that when it comes to chemsex, arrogance can be just as dangerous as naiveté…

Read moreG. O’CLOCK


European Premiere
USA, 2015, 15′

A firsthand account of Terran, an African American gender fluid teenager navigating bullying, violence and rejection from their father and peers before finding their courage and voice to come out.

To Leelah Alcorn (1997-2014) who said:”The only way I will rest in peace is if one day transgender people aren’t treated the way I was (…) Gender needs to be talked about in schools, the earlier the better. My death needs to mean something.”



Spanish Premiere
Awards: ‘Best Film’  and ‘Best Actress’(2015) De Ronde Venen Open Film Festival Vinkeveen,
Honorable Mention Noordelijk Film Festival Leeuwarden

Holland, 2015, 20′

Nasser is a 13-year-old Dutch girl from Moroccan descent named Nassira. Her friends call her Nasser because she feels different than other girls. When Nassira has her first period, her mother thinks it is time for her to behave like a young woman. But Nassira struggles with the expectations and her identity crisis.

Read moreNASSER


European Premiere
USA, 2015, 20′

Jesse Ritter has been living with a secret. What begins as a quiet evening of driving for Pick Up (the latest car service to share the road with Uber and Lyft), turns into a life changing journey filled with conversations about life, sex, stigma, and guilt, as Jesse falls for one of his passengers and is forced to confess the truth.

Read morePICK UP


Spanish Premiere
Awards: Grand Jury Award for Best Short DOC NYC Winner, Jury Award for Best Documentary Palm Springs

USA, 2015, 15′

BJ, a butch lesbian, successfully avoided dresses her entire life until she and her partner Sherrie adopted Jeffrey, who starts to dance in gowns and perform for his parents. Now that six-year-old Jeffrey wishes to dress up in public, BJ must navigate where it is safe for him in conservative rural Florida.

Read morePINK BOY


World Premiere
Israel/Palestina (The West Bank, Palestinian National Authority), 2016, 9′

17 years old Adva is trapped in a never ending life circle between fantasy and reality. Surviving the religion life style through a fantasy life she created. Adva goes on a night journey from her life in the West Bank settlement in order to fulfill her fantasy- to kiss a girl and fuck her with her back to the wall of a club’s bathroom.

She is unfamiliar with Tel-Aviv’s night life and has no idea what to expect, but she is eager to fulfill the fantasy. She is hitchhiking her way to Tel-Aviv, changes her religious appearance and puts on her alter identity…


Read morePONY TALE


European Premiere
Pakistan, 2016, 29′

This first-of-it’s-kind independent documentary follows hidden LGBT individuals and communities in Pakistan. Travelling across the country, Poshida delves into the history and modern culture of LGBT Pakistan providing a deep insight into this hidden world.

The film examines sexuality and gender identities in south Asia and discusses colonialism, religion, class and the influence of US foreign policy.

It also spotlights the role of the Pakistani media in the case of the Lahori serial killer of 2014 and human rights abuses of transgender men and women for entertainment.



22 October. International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2016

European Premiere
USA, 2016, 14′

A trans woman goes on a blind date with a man with the same name as her ex…

Rain Valdez kept her gender identity secret for years in Hollywood. Now, she’s out, and ready to finally represent her community in her favorite film genre: the comedy.

Read moreRYANS


22 October. International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2016

European Premiere
USA, 2016, 5′

“The transgender movement may be making headlines, but our rich history is often overlooked,” Ernst said in a press release. “Transgender people have always existed, and have lived many different lives. These stories show us just how important it is to share our histories.

Read moreS.T.A.R.


There is no entry fee.

The Programming Committee members will select LGTIB films for other festivals and cultural purposes only.


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I have read and agree with the festival submission and participation requirements and certify that I am authorized to submit this film or video to The Barcelona LGTIB Film Festival. I understand that, in the event this work is selected for this festival, will retain the submission copy for its archive. I hold The Barcelona LGTIB Film Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the print en route or otherwise during the course of the festival’s possession of the film or video.

Please send a Video copy to the following address:

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Phone number: +34 973 664 421
Email: info@barcelonafilmfestival.org

CONTACT: Xavier-Daniel, Festival Director





Our cinema is different either in languages, genres and styles because it is the result of the complexity that forms us as a culture.

And our festivals are not only different by nature, but they clearly bet on diversity. This is the case of the GAY AND LESBIAN FILM FESTIVAL of Catalonia which continues for 15 years already and it is showing us that diversity, in every sense, should not be understood as a hindrance, but as richness. I wish that the excellence of your work make the still existing prejudices on people sexual freedom fall down.



Esteve Riambau (Filmoteca de Catalunya), Octavi Martí (Filmoteca de Catalunya), Hagit Mualem, Jesús Arcos (Ambaixada d’Israel a Madrid), Luciano Castillo (Cinemateca de Cuba, ICAIC), Angelo Gioè (Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Barcellona), Junta Directiva ACCEC (Associació Catalana de la Crítica i l’Escriptura Cinematogràfica), Lluís Valentí (Festival de Cinema de Girona), Xavier Parache (ESCAC), Vicens A. Escribà, Vicente Barella (EMAV), Klaus Mabel Aschenneller (Teddy Awards, Berlinale), Santi Lapeira (Col.legi de Directors/es de Cinema de Catalunya), Juan Juliá (Axel Hotels), Marc Sancho (Hotel Axel), Cristina Cañas (Axel Hotels), Alexandra Gelabert (Hotel Two Barcelona), Àngel Bigorra (Revista GB), David Bigorra (Queer Travel), Marta Nin, Cristina Rius (Casa Amèrica Catalunya), Judith Colell, Stephen Barris (ILGA, Brussel.les), Robert Torres (La Teranyina Anònima), Marta Guzmán, Ferran Castells, Isabel Gracia Vila i Antxon Urrestarazu, Giovanni Minerba, Antoni Kirchner, Manel Ortiz “Nolo”, Andreu Morte, Emilia Perucho, Elisabet Hernández, staff of The National Film Theatre (Filmoteca de Catalunya). And many other people to be listed… With your support we hope to make the Festival one of the most talked about cultural events of the year.


Festival Director

General Coordinator

Press Officer


Supervisor translations UK


Foreign Consultants
MORITZ DE HALDELN (Süissa), president

Design and development catalog and website

Opening and Closing events
ARTMAGNETIC, producció


He was born in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona,1960). Screenwriter, editor, director and producer and script analyst. Projectionist at the Capri Cinema (El Prat).

Degree in Art history. He wrote the screenplay for the film’s cartoon Peraustrínia 2004 (1990) directed by Angel Garcia. It is part of the team of writers of television series in the 90’s and 2000 (Poble Nou, Rias Baixas, Plaza Alta, El cor de la ciutat, Ventdelplà). With Jesus Ramos writes the dictionary the script Audiovisual (Ocean publishing, 2003), focused arguments, characters and analysis of structures.




Mónica Jordan was born in Cerdanyola in 1982. After her degree in English and Hispanic Philology, she took a turn to the audiovisual field. Graduated in Theory and Cinema Criticism at the Cinema Observatory, she begins her path as co-editor of the online magazine called “Cinema Transit”, and she participates as an Editor in several media, such as “Looks”, “Detour” and “Divergent Films”.

She is a film critic for Levante newspaper and for the Sensa cinema website. She collaborated as well in two collective books of the Macnulti publishing house. She belongs to the Board of Filmmakers from the Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writers since 2013, the very year in which the First Film Critic Conference was organized.


foto Escriba_ok

Vicens A. Escribà is a Professor of Audiovisual media for four decades teaching Film Production about 8mm, 16 mmm and 35mm films; Video: betamax, video8, U-matic, Betacam, DVcam, HDV and 3D System, and also teaching and coordinating television productions at EMAV (Audiovisual Media School).

His work consists mainly of cinema movies and an extensive list of videos, and we would like to bring out the short film “Absent viewers” which was started being shot for the opening day of the Fantastic Film Festival in Sitges, and it was presented in the closing night. With “The Piece” happened that for the first time a short film had both cinematographic and videographic texture. The research of visual language has been a constant in his 35mm shorts as a filmdirector or a producer.



In order to celebrate the present 15th anniversary, we have invited filmmakers, actors and some other professionals from Canada, Israel, India, France, Denmark, United States and Italy who will present themselves their latest films. This year, our guest country is Mexico.

Since last year we surprised you with a new subject, never touched before in cinema: woman violence within the lesbian couple, this year the Festival is also dealing deeply with themes such as childhood transgender, rejection of Islamic homophobia, sexual harassment in family, sexual relations between Muslim women, sadomasochism as a philosophy of life, public humiliation at school, and we also pay homage to Tom of Finland and Ralf König’s characters, still in force. Ah!, and also a cinephile review about the legendary porn cinema made in France and performed by very young actors.



This year we present very notable firsts: We have invited LA VIDA PURA, Panayotis Evangelidis (Greece 2015), a moving film, portrait of a young gay porn actor; and Cuban film production, wedding dress, Marilyn Solaya (Cuba 2014), with actors like Jorge Perugorría that from Strawberry and Chocolate was not involved in any other film gltb theme, and has received several awards from the public international festivals.

These, along with the Latin American short schedule are examples of independent cinema where, in the case of Cuban film, get to participate official institutions such as the ICAIC, this means that production is being imposed less-government links and where creativity than budget. A lesson in the end makes the policy change institutional aid.

You enjoy it one more year of this careful selection of what will be The 15th Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.



USA, 2015, 101′

Two Girls. One Gun. The Mafia. Because coming out to family is hard, but coming out to FAMILY is funny. Alto is a quirky romantic comedy set in the midst of an unanticipated run-in with the New York Mafia. Improbable love, the Mafia, and family traditions… proving the most surprising discoveries often come when we least expect it, in the midst of murder plots, federal investigations, and oh yeah, lasagna.

Read moreALTO


Mexico, 2014, 110′

Four stories about love and self-acceptance: An eleven year-old boy struggles to keep secret the attraction he feels towards his male cousin. Two former childhood friends reunite and start a relationship that gets complicated due to one of them’s fear of getting caught. A gay long lasting relationship is in jeopardy when a third man comes along. An old family man is obsessed with a young male prostitute and tries to raise the money to afford the experience.



India, 2015, 110′

The first gay film made in Bollywood. Will Ayan have the courage to come out about his sexuality? Will a Pakistani family ever accept a homosexual son and especially when he is in love with a Hindu Indian man? Film about Love. Love which is above gender, race, culture, religion, language and territorial boundaries. Contrast of gay cultures: From India and Pakistan to Norwegian lesbian friends.



Greece, 2015, 55′

Jhony C, aged 25, from Barcelona is an actor in gay porn films with sadomasochistic practices. Evangelidis, the Greek filmmaker, follows him during a fictitious day with his thoughts about life and love. Jhony’s lonely lifestyle, with no lies, longings, dignity and respect to others. In summary, its about a pure life like the tattoo on his body.



USA, 2015, 79′

Photo Shoot OK

When Jamie finds out her girlfriend Jill has spent time exploring BDSM, her insecurities about falling behind in the bedroom push her to propose that they start going to underground clubs. Jamie decides to use the pseudonym Sally so she can stay anonymous but still look like she’s using her real name, which apparently she thinks makes her look cool. Identifying as the butch one in a traditional butch/femme couple, “Sally” assumes she will take the dominant role in their escapades, with Jill as her submissive, but Jill has ideas of her own.

Read moreS&M SALLY


Canada, 2014, 86′

Maurice Lesmers (Maxime Desmons) has left a troubled past in Paris behind him and moved to North Bay Canada to start a new life. He has managed to build a wall between himself and the outside world, refusing to even pursue a meaningful relationship with Michael (Jean-Michel Le Gal). Maurice begins tutoring a young student named Allan (Alex Ozerov), who is quickly becoming infatuated with his new teacher.



United Kingdom, 2015, 16′

Trevor’s life has become a void, following the passing of his wife and long term companion, Doris. A chance encounter in the park with a mysterious stranger equally troubled by his own dark past jarringly reawakens him, and forces both men to once again start to live.

Read moreCHANCE


Mexico, 2015, 20′

Carlos sweeps and mops the floors of an old barber shop scent. One Saturday morning, on the eve of September 16, between clients, Julio, as young as he appears, but professional soldier. Their eyes cross and closing time July return for Carlos, who will open the door. Tonight’s dinner will together, talking, tweaking the haircut of July, and even dancing with the awareness that this meeting, perhaps love, be brief and unrepeatable because when morning comes, after the military parade, Julio depart for the border.

Read moreTRÉMULO


Cuba, 2014, 12

A young man attracted to an old composer, works as builder in his house as a pretext to be close to him, but the only chance he has to come closer is the moment of the musician’s death, and the young man has to dress him. Frustrated by the uselessness of his work, the young man renounces to his profession.

Read moreUNA PARED


United Kingdom, 2015, 24

Battling with his own inner demons, Jonathan, played by Australian talent Jaxon Radoc, is taken to an elite swimming academy deep in the English countryside by his soon to be step-mother, kept away from her upcoming wedding to his father. At the academy, Jonathan struggles to find his place among the group, he may be a top athlete in his field, but when it comes to the small world of Lakeside, swimming, sex and chauvinism combine to create something explosive and the potential for something very dangerous.



Spain, 2014, 4

Waiting is a tale of oppositions. Day and night. Passion and lust entwined with pain and heartbreak. The beginning, the end. It’s a reflection of different moments within a relationship. The protagonist waits in desperation tormenting her thoughts as the minutes tick by and her partner fails to return.

Read moreWAITING